Tooling and Supplies


Down Hole Hammers 2" thru 18" low and high pressure, standard and reverse circulation
Drill Pipe Flush, external upset, heavy and light wall, water well, reverse circ and direction
Overburden Tools Concentric, eccentric, and wing types
Drilling Tool Subs Bit, crossover, saver, top head and casing hammer stingers

Stabilizers Slick, straight, spiral and integral
Drill Collars Smooth and spiral, new and used
Auger Rigs Truck, trailer, or track mounted
Bits Tri cone, hammer, claw, drag and pilot, reconditioned and new
Hole Openers DTH hammer, rotary cone, blade type
Drive Shoes 4" thru 24", machine heat treated, cast alloy
Drill Pipe Float Valves Plunger and flapper type air and fluid, repair parts
Stainless steel, PVC slotted, PVC V-wire wrapped, sandblocker
PVC Pipe
Slotted and blank belled end and flush thread
K-Packers Pipe size and telescopic for steel and PVC
Rod Wipers Flat, skinner and tapered
Shale Traps
Standard and supreme
Mud and Grout Pumps
Piston, centrifugal, air diaphragm, and parts
Wrenches Pipe, J, breakout and parts
Clamps Elevators Steel pipe, welding, and line-up
  Steel pipe, PVC and casing, light and heavy pattern

Bentonite Chips, granular, grouts and powder
Drilling Fluids Drilling foam, polymers, de-foamer, loss circulation

Mud Systems Shakers, screens, de-sanding cones
Swivels Rotary, air, mud, side and top inlet and parts
Packing Top head and pump
Wire Rope Left lay, non rotating, sand line
Lubricants and Grease
Rig grease, thread dope for drill pipe, drop pipe, hammer oil
Tremme Pipe Flush thread, steel, PVC
Hoist Plugs Swivel, solid bail, rotating and non-rotating
Ground Protection Rig mats, jack pads
Casing Jacks Single or multi size
Fishing Tools Rotary and cable tool
Cable Tools Stems, rope sockets, bits, jars, drive clamps, bailers, sand pumps
Diverter Heads Air, mud, overburden, hydraulic, mechanical
Sampling Tools Split spoon, liners, safety drivers, etc.
Casing Flush thread steel
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